Enjoy some exciting Baccarat action

Published November 9, 2012

Enjoy some exciting Baccarat action

If you’re looking for a stylish card game, then it’s time to give Baccarat a chance. Here is your guide to why you should play some of the most exciting Baccarat options around.

Baccarat has a reputation for being a particularly classy casino game.  Perhaps it’s because it is famously James Bond’s game of choice, or perhaps because it has a reputation for attracting high rollers.  Whatever the reason, Baccarat is a card game that is truly open to anyone.  It is brilliant fun and gives you a good chance of winning a cash prize.

Unlike Blackjack or Poker, Baccarat requires you to assemble a hand with a point total as close to 9 as possible.  All you need to do is to beat the dealer, but here’s the catch – You can bet on your hand or the dealer’s hand, making this a game of strategy as well as luck.Noble Casino offers a very straightforward and attractive version of the game.  The game play makes it simple to enjoy, while the high quality graphics will have you glued to the screen.  In addition, if you correctly bet on a tie at Noble Casino, you will win at incredible odds of 9:1.

However, Swiss Casino is perhaps the gold standard in Baccarat play.  You can enjoy an excellent bird’s eye view of the game table and once you've placed your bet, simply watch the quick draw cards come into play.  The excellent animation is accompanied by a soothing background track and dealer’s voice, which also helps to make this a great game to play.  You can also take advantage of some special odds, such as the possibility that one of your cards and one of the dealer’s cards will form a pair at odds of 11:1.

All in all, there is plenty to play for at both Swiss Casino and Noble Casino to make sure that you have plenty of fun playing Baccarat.




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