Italian Lottery Soars to Record High

Published August 19, 2009

Italian Lottery Soars to Record High

$203.6 million is current record and cause for excitement

The talk of the town all over Italy is the escalating jackpot in the state lottery. With no winner since January, despite a thrice weekly draw, the prize money has risen to the dizzy heights of nearly €144 million ($203.6 million).

Lotto Helps Tourism
Long queues are now common place at Lotto shops and stalls across the country as everyone gets caught up in lottery fever.

It is not only Italian citizens who are getting hot under the collar; people from across Italy's borders are making special trips to purchase tickets. All are digging deep to find spare cash, buying into the dream that maybe, just maybe, they might have a chance to become an overnight multi millionaire.

The unprecedented jackpot, the biggest ever on offer in Europe, will again be up for grabs this week. With a layout of just €1 ($1.42) many will be tempted to try their luck at determining the winning six number combination.

What Is Luck Made Of
People typically use lucky numbers, telephone numbers, family birthdays or random numbers to identify the six figure combination for their ticket. Some even interpret dreams before making their final decision.

Perhaps this week lady luck will shine on one or more lucky punters, providing them with winnings that will literally change their lives.

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