Online Gambling More Popular Than Thou

Published September 28, 2010

Online Gambling More Popular Than Thou

The stats are in - We really like our online gambling in the UK!

The most recent Neilsen study in the UK shows that over the last twelve months an additional 3.2 million people have been logging on to internet gambling websites. Facebook and its rival social networking sites only had 2.2 additional users. So which of us are logging on and making these sites so popular?

While men and women of all ages have been participating in this phenomenon, the biggest increase has been seen by middle-aged, well educated men in high earning households. According to the study, half of these men were in jobs that pay around 30,000 pounds a year. Still, 46% of the UK market is made up of women, so operators should still put a big focus on creating websites that appeal to females. What's also interesting to note is that a big reason this profile has changed is due to the recession. Originally the over-65s and those of lower household incomes were heavier users of gambling sites.

So, my lovely fellow Brits, you can proudly say you are part of this happening that has even made playing poker on the internet more popular than land-based poker games held at casinos! Kudos to all those in the gaming industry that are working hard to make this possible!

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