Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

Online gambling has taken the UK by storm. Have fun with this exciting Internet hobby but be aware of the risks.

As with all games of chance, there are risks attached. Responsible gambling is concerned with acknowledging those risks and ensuring that online gambling remains under control for all involved.

Gambling responsibly

Most Brits will have had a flutter at one time in their lives. Whether this is on the Grand National at the local bookies, a game of roulette at the local casino, or simply buying a scratch card from a high street kiosk, we all love a gamble.

The vast majority of people who gamble are responsible people who are well aware of the risks involved. Problem gambling occurs when gambling becomes out of control and addictive, when it has the potential of ruining families, businesses and lives.

It is important to be aware of the signs that gambling has become a problem with a friend or family member you may know. This is not always easy to determine as most addicts of any sort are normally adept at keeping their addiction hidden. Fortunately, there are some common signs that you should look out for.

Warning signs

Again, the vast majority of online gamblers are in total control of their hobby and their finances. However, for a small minority of players, that hobby can turn into an addiction, sometimes without them even knowing it.

There are a number of simple checks you can make to determine whether you may have a gambling problem. The first involves taking a good look at your private life. Are you missing family events or work deadlines so that you can spend more time playing your online games? If so, take a step back and focus on what is happening in your life.

Personal finance is another clear sign that your gambling may be out of control. Has your bank balance slipped into overdraft? Have you had calls from your bank inquiring about your recent banking activities? Are you hoping that a big win in the casino will help to pay for essential purchases in your home? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you may find that gambling is gaining a hold on you in an unhealthy way.

Another sign that your gambling activities may have become problematic is to remember that online gambling should be fun. Should you find yourself become morose or depressed over a loss or wildly ecstatic over a win, then these may be signs that your gambling has become a problem.

If you've decided that your online gambling may be out of control, then rest assured, there are organisations who can help.


There are several organisations in the UK who specialise in helping people with gambling addictions. Visit our Directory and Quality Sites sections for further information and contact details.

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