Sports Betting

We present you with the list of the best UK facing sports betting sites in the world. Pick your site, start placing your bets and benefit from the best odds, promotions and choice of betting markets available anywhere.

Sports betting is one of the oldest forms of gambling. At Online Casino Reports, we are dedicated to providing our players with the very best online casino experience, but we also want to make sure that players who like to delve into the sports betting waters are not left out in the dry. This is why we bring you our own list of the top bookmaking sites that can serve as a safe guide through the world of sports betting.

Our list of the best sports betting sites is made up of the top UK facing sportsbooks, including the massive UK bookies who have been operating as land based betting shops for many decades. Each site on the list is here for a reason and you can be sure that every bookie on this list offers a top notch betting experience.

Top UK Sports Betting Sites

We use a detailed and thorough process of rating for the sports betting sites to make sure we always stay on top of what is going on with every site. Our ratings are made up based on a long list of criteria which ensure that every bookie on the list really deserves its place on it.

When looking for top sports betting sites, we looked at how safe the sites are to bet with, how favorable their odds are and what kind of bonuses and promotions one can expect to get from these sites. Looking out for all of those criteria, we have made a list that includes only the absolute best bookies in the world.

How we Rate UK Sportsbooks

Deciding which bookie to bet with is never an easy job, especially for punters who don’t have as much experience with such decisions. Since there are many factors in play, it can be very hard to decide which site gives the best value for each Pound invested, which is why we knew we had to step in and help our players make this decision.

Our process of choosing the top sports betting sites is one that you could call scientific. We leave nothing to case, and go over each and every site looking at our long list of rating criteria. Every site is rated in each of the categories and a final score is given based on the average of these ratings. This way, we know that the sites we are promoting on this page are truly the finest in the industry. Our list of rating criteria includes:

  • Sports and Markets: One of the most important things for sports bettors is that they gave plenty of betting choices. We look at the bookie’s offer in terms of different sports, events and markets that punters can bet on and only give it a high rating if the bookie truly has a good selection. Sites with a narrow selection of betting options cannot make it to our list of top betting sites.
  • Betting Odds: When betting on sports, nothing can beat good odds. Betting odds are where the value of a bet can be found and it is crucial to always bet at the very best odds available. This list contains the bookmakers with the very best average betting odds out there. Betting with these sites, you can be sure you are always getting the most value out of your bet.
  • Promotions: Sports betting is all about looking for that little extra edge, and online bookmakers dish out plenty of it on a regular basis through the various promotions they offer. From initial deposit bonuses to boosted odds and free bets, top bookmakers know how to give their punters that extra incentive to bet.
  • Licenses and Security: If you are going to bet online, you better make sure you are betting at a safe site. Our top online bookmakers are regulated by the UKGC, which means UK players can be sure that their interests are being looked after. The sites you can find on this site all carry licenses by the UKGC and are all as secure as an online bookie can be.
  • Customer Support: A fast and reliable customer support can be very important when gambling online, which is why we make sure that the sites we promote as top betting sites all have a solid support department. We look at the different methods you can use to contact support, speed at which they reach and the quality of their responses to our questions.
  • Online Banking: A crucial part in betting online is being able to move the money in and out without unnecessary fees and in a timely fashion. The best betting sites promoted on this page all provide a long list of payment methods combined with fast cashouts and low transaction fees.
  • In-Play Betting: Live betting has become a crucial part of the sports betting industry. Being able to bet on an event that has started means you can really push your edge to the limit and also have lots of fun while watching the game. The best betting sites provide a reliable and fast in-play betting platform.

Bet on Events of your Choice

Sports betting today is all about versatility and diversity. With so many sporting events going on around the world every day, punters want to be able to bet on them all, and with full right. The best bookies out there have mastered the art of providing hundreds of events for simultaneous betting, both in the pre-match and the in-play betting lobbies.

The sites you can find on this list all offer a massive choice of sports, leagues, events and markets that players can bet on. Starting from player favorites like football, cricket and horse racing and all the way to minor sports and even eSports, these sites give you a chance to back your favourites in any number of different competitions.

While betting on winners can be fun, the true value in finding a good bookie to bet with is the number of other markets that you can bet on. The over/under, handicap and other prop bet markets are what makes online sports betting so much fun and so much more appealing than betting with regular land based bookies.

Once you have chosen a bookmaker from our list, you may be overwhelmed by the number of betting options you will be presented with for each and every match. The markets lists are especially long for the big sporting events, with over 100 different markets often available.

UK Football Betting

If you are a punter from the UK, chances are you bet on some football games. The sport is so massive in the UK that the vast majority of all people have placed a football bet at some point in their lives. With such a vast popularity, it is no surprise that UK faced bookies offer such a massive selection of UK football betting markets.

The selection of football leagues in the UK is much greater than in any other country and with our top betting site you can bet on all of them. At UK betting sites, you can bet on English Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, Conference Leagues, Scottish Premiership and Championship and a dozen other leagues from all over UK.

This kind of coverage means that football fans can really make full use of their extensive knowledge of the sport, support their favorite teams and maybe even beat the bookies for a decent profit. Such extensive coverage also gives all punters a chance to place any number of single or combo bets they desire each and every week and always keep themselves in the action.

Horse Race Betting

Horse racing is another traditional sport in the UK that has millions of fans and a massive base of people who enjoy a good punt. Back in the day, it used to be about going down to the track and making some bets while watching the beautiful animals run their races, but times have changed and how it can all be done from the privacy of one’s home.

Horse racing is a major sport with online bookmakers, with some massive high roller action going on all year round. The stakes get especially high when the big meetings like Cheltenham or The Kentucky Derby are going on, as the entire UK public is glued to the events at such meetings.

If you are a horse racing aficionado, you are in the right place. The top sports betting sites listed here are mostly in the business of horse racing betting as well, offering punters a great chance to bet with best odds guaranteed, countless promotions going on and plenty of betting markets available. Choose your betting site and bet on your pick at the next major racing meeting.

Bet with Safe and Licensed UK Bookies

Security cannot be overstated whenever any online activity is in question. With so many frauds happening on the internet, it is important to know that any site you are using is safe, especially when you are sharing your banking details or sending your money to such sites.

The top sports betting sites listed on this page all operate with licenses by the UKGC, making them as safe as they get. The criteria needed to get a license from the UKGC are very strict and every bookie that has such a license surely operates a secure site.

Our team of dedicated experts spends lots of time looking into each site we list and in addition to the licensing they also look at the site’s reputation. The sites in the top 10 of our bookies list are all well regarded and highly popular sites whose reputation has been building up for years or even decades. We make sure to place the sites whose reputation has never been in question at the top of the list to make sure you are always betting in the safest place possible.

Cashout Feature and Other Perks

Online bookmakers have introduced many different perks for their players that punters didn’t use to have some years ago. These special features make betting more fun, more sustainable and generally more appealing to the masses.

One of the most popular features that online bookies tend to offer is the cashout feature. With this feature, punters can cash out their bets at appropriate odds before their event is over, which means there is a chance to cash in on your bet without risking a late surprise in any game you may be betting on.

The cashout option is one that many punters absolutely love to employ, especially during in-play betting. The combination of in-play and cashout features can make for some amazing and action packed weekends in front of the TV, with quick turnaround on the bets and some great profit to be had.

Except for these features, betting with our top betting sites will mean always having a detailed overview of all the events that are about to start, the live scores of the running events, stats and information on past events and countless other features that these sites provide their customers. With such unparalleled coverage, there is no surprise that so many punters are moving away from live betting shops and taking their action online.


Where should I bet online?

There are many betting sites out there, but we recommend picking sites from our top betting sites list. These sites provide the best odds, best choice of markets and the most lucrative promotions of all the bookies, in addition to being the most well secured ones.

What makes a bookie secure?

We determine the security of a bookmaker based on their licensing, their reputation and the technology they employ to protect their site from prying eyes.

What can I bet on?

The best bookies on this page offer a massive choice of betting options, starting with popular English football leagues and horse racing meetings and all the way to eSports and virtual sports betting.

Can I expect some rewards?

Absolutely! The top bookies on this page all offer generous bonuses and promotions to their customers. In fact, betting online is a lot more valuable exactly because there are so many bonuses to make use of.

Are the odds favorable?

Betting with the top betting sites means getting the best possible odds every time. We make betting odds one of the key criteria in deciding which sites make it to the list.


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